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Debi is certified as a CGC evaluator. 
(I will not be certifiying my own dogs.)
Dogs in Training: 
Secret finished her AKC Rally Novice title.  
She has her herding Instinct test.  
Moxie earned her CGC certification. 
My training Philosophy  
Training dogs for me has always been second nature since I was 6 years old. I believe in rewards of praise 1st and using treats second when teaching dogs companionship and obedience. It totally depends on the dog and the venue, on how you train. However, I am not a clicker trainer. I do believe, as an owner, one should gain the trust and working relationship of your dog so that you can become a unified team, whether at home, at the vet or on the road. I train all my dogs in companionship first which includes off lead listening skills, anywhere, anytime. That training may includes treats, but the bottom line it is all praise reward driven, to build the trust and a good working relationship.
I crate train all my dogs. It creats a smooth transition into becoming a house dog. I can leave a crate door open and you will find a dog sleeping in one by their own decision. Dogs by nature are den animals. Crates serve as a "den" which is why you will find a dog sleeping in an open crate.  

My training Experience   
If you are looking at getting an Aussie, do you know what Aussies need?  They need excercise and to be a companion to someone. They dont need a ranch or 40 acres to "run" on. Most of us would all love that but most often it is not reality. There are exceptions, but very few exceptions. Some working Aussies need to work livestock, their level of instict calls for it, like "running" calls a Siberian Huskey or "tracking" calls a bloodhound. For these Aussies, yes, a ranch where they can allow their instinct to flow freely is the place to be. How will you know? Does your aussie heal everything moving? That is an indication and you should seek a breeders or trainer's advice. If you are looking at aussies, then ask the breeder. Aussies are great house dogs. They are the kind of dog that if you want to take a nap in the chair they are laying at your feet. If you want to run or hike they are right there beside you. If you are not feeling good they are there to comfort you. They want to be where you are. I have always said that Aussies are like M&M's. You can have a handful and they all get along. (with a very few exceptions.) So if you are looking at adding an Aussie to your home and you have other dogs, you should be fine, especially if you are looking at a puppy.

M & M dogs   
More Info
Sliver earned her CGC certification besides all the numerous confirmation titles. She will start obedience training after she enjoys having some puppies and just plain old laying around. 
Indy is a border collie. Indy earned her AKC Championship in Oct. 2015!!!

She earned an IABCA puppy Championship in confirmation at the age of 7 months.  

She has one leg on her HT title. 

She will begin her obedience training for obedience and Rally competition. 
At 6 years old I trained my first dog and showed her in fun shows/matches, winning any of the obedience classes I entered. I did not have any training and literally just trained her with my instincts. I moved into the horse world at age 12 and by 16 was showing and training horses for western pleasure. By the age of 20, I began Judging western pleasure and equation classes. At the age of 16, I attended my first Schutzhund obedience class with a new puppy. By the end of the 8 week class the Schutzhund Club asked me to start teaching classes. I started teaching  beginning obedience and progressed quickly to advanced obedienced training. When I had time, I showed several dogs in AKC for obedience titles. I have continued to train dogs and have opened up my experience to other venues as follows;
Over 40 years of experience in training dogs including; 
Obedience, tracking, All Schutzhund levels of obedience, attack work. 
Herding training and trialing for about 7 years.
Trained and handled dogs for movies and TV commercials for 10 years.  
Confirmation handling and training for the past 8 years.
Trained and titled in Rally
Learned scent work  
11+ years experience as a senior animal technician. 

4 Paws Miniature American Shepherds