4 Paws Policies
Deposit & Payment Information
Placing a deposit on one of our puppies; we require a $200.00 down payment to place you in a picking order. Puppies are evaluated at 8 weeks old to see if there are any show quality puppies that I will keep. After I select, then the first deposit received gets next pick and so on. Checks are acceptable for the deposit. 

Deposit monies are NOT refundable unless I can not provide you with the puppy of your choice.

Deposits on puppies are taken on a first paid basis.  

No puppy will be held without a deposit longer than 5 days, allowing for deposit payment to be sent via mail.

Email me to place a deposit

Payment of puppy  Remaining balance plus shipping fees (if applicable) must be paid in cash or paypal at time of pickup. We will accept a check up until the puppy is 6 weeks old(which gives the check time to clear). After the puppy is 6 weeks old we will only accept cash or paypal for final payment before the puppy leaves the premises.

Payments through Pay Pal will add a 4% charge. Please contact us for more details.
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Starting November 16, 2013 USDA (APHIS PET LAW) requires that you see the puppy upon taking ownership. Therefore, if you are out of town, you will need to fly in to pick up the puppy. We fly out of Denver, CO, so we can meet you at the airport and you can fly back with the puppy in the cabin. Contact me for more details.

I have personally done this several times. It is better for the puppy to fly with you in the cabin.  

Contact Debra for a contract
Local Pick up information
1. You are welcome to come to our place to pick out or pick up a puppy.
2. Deposits are required to hold your preferred puppy. (refer to deposit section)
3. Deposits are non refundable unless I can not provide you with a puppy you want.
4. Balance of puppy must be in cash for same day sales.

Puppies need to be picked up here.


Mini American puppies come with AKC limited registration(not for breeding purposes). Breeders are sold on a very limited basis. This must be worked out before purchase of the puppy. 

Registrations will be with AKC. Mini's have been newly introduced into AKC as Miniature American Shepherds. Ask for details.

All puppies have their tails docked and dew claws removed by a licensed veterinarian between the age of 3-5 days old. 

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Health Testing
4 Paws strives to ensure that all our puppies will be happy, healthy, life long companions for you and your family no matter whether you are looking for a show, herding, agility or companion dog. 
All breeds of dogs are predisposed to certain inherited diseases and genetic defects.Through DNA testing, veterinary evaluations, and careful planned breedings, these risks can be greatly minimized if not eliminated altogether. All of the dogs at 4 Paws have undergone the necessary evaluations to ensure that our puppies are the healthiest they can be. 

Even if you don't purchase your puppy from us, be sure to ask ANY breeder that you are considering doing business with, if their dogs have been tested, for what test, what were the results and what kind of health guarantees they offer.

Size Differeces
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Health Testing      General

Many of my customers have asked how does the mini size compare to the standard size? 

Lets compare a standard Australian shepherd to a miniature american shepherd
Standard Australian shepherd - about 21" and 70 lbs
Miniature american shepherd - 15" and 21lbs

Miniature american shepherd - 17 1/2 " and 45lbs 
A. The Standard Australian Shepherd ranges from 19" to 22". Maverick is an example of a standard.
B. The Miniature  American Shepherd ranges from 14" - 18". Cajun is an example of a smaller mini. He is 15". I favor this size and am trying to build my program around this size. This size takes several generations of careful downsizing to get to.
C. Simon is an example of a larger mini and is on the top scale of the mini's and lower end of the Standards. You can see from the picture that he is very close to Mavericks height.  This size dog could have one parent that is a standard or he could be from two minis and because the breeding is close to the standard lines he is born on the larger end of the minis.
Size Comparison
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For more detailed information about our Health Testing click here.
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