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​I can only keep so many dogs at my home and on occasion I have a male puppy/young dog that I want to keep for my breeding program that I need someone to co own. ​

What Co own means to you? The puppy/dog would live at your home and be your dog.​ You would be owning one of the best quality puppies we produce. Depending on the puppy/dog it would stay intact for at least 24 months. I would maintain breeding rights. He would need to be accessible when a female comes into heat so you need to live in CO or WY. Other states may be considered. OFA's will be done at the age of 2 years at our vet and would be done at our expense. You would be responsible for all other vet care as your puppy.

If at any time I decide we are not using him in our breeding program, he will be neutered at our vet at our expense. AKC Papers would be transferred into your name after neutering.

If you are interested in co owning. Contact me for price and more specific information, click here to send me an email. Put co own  in the subject line of the email. 
This pup is 9 months old and is available. He is one of the last puppies in this litter. If you are looking for a sweet mini, that has character, he is your boy. He is neutered. He walks on a leash, uses a doggie door and is crate trained. Super sweet. He is about 18" tall. Loves to play with toys. Special provisions apply for this pup.
One more pup left from this litter. The reason this litter is available at an older age, is because this was a fabulous litter and it took me awhile to select one to keep to show and for our breeding program.