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All of our pups are sold with a health guarantee for genetic health defects. 
 All our Parents hips are OFA certified good or better. They have Genetic testing for; PRA/PRCD, Heredity Cataracts(HC), DM and MDR1. Puppies are vaccinated and wormed for their age. Registration papers are with AKC.

Puppies are evaluated at 8 weeks for structure.

A $200 deposit will hold a position to pick a puppy after the evaluation.
Our Puppies are
Kid Tested and 
Mother approved!
We Safely take credit 
cards through paypal. 4% fee will be added to the amount.

This Jack puppy is under a year old, is laying with 7 baby chicks. See if you can count them all. (1 on top of her, 1 at her neck and 5 snuggled up by her belly behind her front leg.)
 This is a testimony that we breed for good temperament.
First meeting with an Ebony/Tater puppy and the barn cat. 
Ebony/Tater puppy enjoying a summer dip!
A Ebony/Tater puppy(left) with her playmate and forever pal another Ebony puppy(right) 
Ebony pup

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more information. 
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Ebony/Tater pup - Therapy dog
Ebony pup
Sliver pup
These are just a very few shining examples of our puppies.

See  below this section for available puppies

Rudy with his 1st litter of puppies. As you can see he has great personality. 
How many intact dogs would you see playing with puppies like this?
June puppy
Shipping Puppies

Starting November 16, 2013 USDA (APHIS PET LAW) requires that you see the puppy upon taking ownership. Therefore, if you are out of town, you will need to fly in to pick up the puppy. We fly out of Denver, CO. You would fly back with the puppy in the cabin. Contact me for more details.
Puppies can not ride in cargo.

We also use Coast to Coast transport (van transport)Door to door service​
Coast to Coast transport; Brandy Oates
(864) 245-0606  or for her website Click here.

What does placing a deposit mean?

Deposits are put in line for picking in order they are received. Deposit is $200.00 and comes off the purchase price. Deposits can be sent via check or PayPal. (PayPal fee is $8.00)

As deposits are received, it will put you in a picking order for available puppies. An evaluation is done when puppies are 8 weeks. I will decide which puppy(s) I am keeping and then the first deposit will pick.

If you do not get the puppy you want, your deposit will be returned.

Deposits are a measure of good faith that you, the buyer, intends to purchase a puppy. Deposits are non refundable if you change your mind and decide to not purchase a puppy. The best policy is to be absolutely sure that you want a puppy before you send a deposit!
4 Paws Miniature American Shepherds
 All puppies are sold! Thanks for looking. 
We are not shipping puppies at this time.

and Clark
Murphy will be bred to Clark in 2024!
While supplies last, we are adding a 4Paws T-shirt (children's - tot size) with the smells of their litter mates and mom. 
Puppy Blueberry's first night home with his 4Paws T-shirt and toy.