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4 Paws represents strong commitment to the Miniature American Shepherds. Debi Shambaugh is no stranger to Aussies and the dog world. I have been training dogs for over those 47 years, mainly in the obedience field but in the past 7 years I have concentrated on confirmation events. I trained and handled dogs for movies and TV commercials for 10 years and her first Aussie; Jessie, was in a Walt Disney movie; Flight of the Navigator (pictured), an episode of Miami Vice, a Florida power and light commercial plus other commercials. In addition Debi raised, trained and trialed border collies in the herding field to better learn the drive and instincts of the herding breed. As you will see on this website, I always has a border collie in my life along with her Miniature American Shepherds. Debi has raised, adopted and rescued Aussie's for over 20 years. Debi has also had 11+ years experience as a senior animal technician. 
Today, as a breeder of miniature American Shepherds, Debi and her husband Bruce, strive to produce and improve the breed. Health testing, behavior management, temperament & structural evaluation and selection of strong genetics is all part of our breeding program.
With my 47 years of knowledge, I continue to mold 4 Paws breeding program into a program that demonstrates our commitment to improve breed quality. I have never been one to follow one philosophy, but rather combine good information that I believe in and can commit to. I am very selective on the dogs that stay within our program so that our program reflects consistent quality and above all, sound temperament. 
We  continue to do health genetic testing. In addition to the genetics testing for health defects, we did pedigree analysis on some of our initial breeding adults through ASHGI which can determine risk levels for over twenty-five inherited diseases and faults. 
As I continue to champion my dogs in conformation, some will be trained and shown in performance venues. 
Although our breed name was changed from Miniature Aussies, when we entered AKC, nothing has changed about the breeding, genetics or our dogs, it is strickly a name change. Moving into AKC has been a good change and will open up opportunities for the Mini Americans. All of the mini's in our program are AKC registered.   
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We look forward to each year with our minis and thank you for looking at 

Bruce and Debi Shambaugh
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 Maverick is seen on each of the pages laying with one of the pups. We called him the baby sitter. He is a standard aussie that I rescued and could not part with. He was dropped off at a cattle auction and when I was called to rescue him, he had stopped eating and was giving up on life.  When I rescued him he was  close to death because he had refused to eat for the shelter people and this 65+ lb boy was a rack of bones. I had to hand feed him my speciality chicken balls to get him to eat. It took 2 weeks of hand feeding before he would eat on his own and even then I had to stand with him while he ate.  He got over his fear of being left alone. He had a wonderful personality and was very kind to the pups. He was what we call a velcro dog, your shadow who would not leave your side, and always followed us where ever we went. We estimate he lived around 20 years! 
  ~1991 - 2011
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Bruce and Debi Shambaugh 
Carpenter, Wyoming


Jessie on the set of Flight of the Navigator
Jessie started it all for me. She was my first Aussie. She was a registered Australian Shepherd but mini size, but back then, mini's were not established.
Debi with a group of her rescues that were our  house pets. All 4 have passed on.
Bruce and Piper collecting bugs
 in the Big Horn Mountains
Bruce and Debi
Our 40 Acre ranch in Wyoming. The original part of our house was homesteaded in 1910.
What's new at 4Paws:
Debi and Ben practicing off lead obedience.
Ben used to demo his obedience for training classes. 
Ben is one of my rescues that my son and I rushed to a shelter over an hour away to get there before he was scheduled to be put down. He had come to the shelters' short time limit for life. We arrived only minutes before his time was up. It was such a relief to have made it and saved this wonderful dogs life. He was a pleasure to have around. ~1994 - 2012
We are selling all natural elk antlers for dog chews. For more information, 
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We are carrying Elk antler dog chew bones!  
some of the cartoon animation by www.artie.com
Wyoming wind socks!
As we continue to improve our breeding program,the quality of our breeding adults also improves. 
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Wyoming umbrella
We do Genetic testing  on all our dogs! 

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This page was last updated: July 9, 2022

All puppies have been sold. Due to health issues, we will resume breeding in 2023. Watch for announcements on this page
Look closely at the picture to see how many chic's are laying with this 4Paws puppy. 
A testimony of the temperaments we produce. 
Bruce with Jack watching me show Sliver
CONGRATS to 4Paws puppy owners:    
Heather and Quigley
Nannette and Cuff
AKC Novice Rally title
Best Of Breed and Group 1
Our new building next to our house. The downstairs is for my dog stuff and the upstairs is Bruces show room for his antler works.
Some of our winning ribbons on display in our new building. 
At a fun match Jamie and Shine won; 
Grand Championship in Obedience and Agility
2nd place in Rally
3rd Showmanship
Cliff, was a border collie that I couldn't resist in the shelter. He became my son's dog. He was a funny funny dog. He loved to push around a large ball with his front legs. It took a lot of training to get Cliff compatible to live with but he was the best house dog. He lived for  ~17 years! He was a real treat to have around.
New Champion! Way to go Nanette!
GCh CH 4Paws Deja Vu

It is time to say good bye to our lovely Deja. We lost her in 2018. It has been hard to let go. She will not be forgotten!!! Love you Deja..
Wendy and Laramie

My  dog mobile and golf cart for running around shows
Sidnee and Mylee have received several Agility Titles. Congrats girls!!!
Jack's good life ended in 2015. He died at the age of 11. He was the start of my Mini Aussie program and set the bar high for me to produce as good personalities as his. His comical and kind personality will be missed. 2004-2015
GChB CH 4Paws Blue Crush
Mona started showing at 7 months. She earned her Championship at  8 months old and numerous Best  Puppy and group wins starting at 7 months old. 
She has now finished her AKC Grand Championship Bronze!!
She is a multi group winner in owner handler. Mona has won a  group placing (group 3) in Regular group.
Mona finished #1 female and #3 over all for Owner Handler Series in 2018! She received an invitation to the National Finals! 
GCHB CH 4Paws Salt N' Pepper Crush
Aka; Pepper
Pepper is now a bronze Grand Champion!! She earned her bronze at alittle over 2 years old!

Pepper started showing at 8 months in January 2019. She earned her Championship at 8 months old in 4 shows!! She earned her Grand championship June 1st, one day after she turned a year old after 5 months of showing.

She is a multi group winner in owner handler and has won her first group (group 2) placing in Regular group. She is a multi Best of Breed Winner! Pepper finished her Farm dog title in 2019.

She is a very lovely female and is great to live with. Pepper and Mona are sisters.
4 Paws Miniature American Shepherds
Best In Show Specialty
2019 & 2020 
 CH 4Paws Second Edition
Aka; Elle
Elle finished her AKC Championship at 2 years with very limited showing! 
Elle is a Sliver puppy and follows in her footsteps with lovely movement. 
Pepper wins the 2020 Owner Handler top 10 at the 2021 Nationals!!
GCHS CH 4Paws Salt N' Pepper Crush    Aka; Pepper
Pepper is now a Silver Grand Champion!! She earned her Silver at alittle over 3 years old!